Javaris Crittenton Reminds Us of Tony Phillips

For some reason, the news on Javaris Crittenton – wanted for attempted murder – made us think of some of the worst people who happen to be extremely talented in the world of athletics.

But it didn’t remind us of O.J. Simpson, currently in jail. Or Tiger Woods, who led a secret life. Or Ray Lewis, who might have gotten away with murder. Or Kobe Bryant, who might have raped a woman. Or Michael Vick, who killed dogs. Or Jose Lind, who used to keep knives in his locker.

Or, the guy from “The Last Boy Scout”

Tony Phillips' recent mugshot

No, we were reminded of former major leaguer Tony Phillips.

Phillips always seemed like he was angry and pissed off. Maybe it was because he was always on a cocaine binge. Or coming off a high. We don’t know. We never have indulged in booger sugar.

He just seemed to constantly have a red ass towards opponents and umpires and just never seemed like a good guy. He seemed more like Denzel’s character in “Training Day” than Denzel’s character in “Remember the Titans.”

Phillips was arrested in 1997 in his second stint with the Angels for possession and use of cocaine during the season. According to our sources, he also had a prostitute with him.

And, it turns out, he isn’t done starting trouble. Earlier this month he punched former major leaguer Mike Marshall in an Independent League game in Chico, causing a bench-clearing brawl. He was later arrested and Marshall, who played like a little bitch while with the Dodgers, is considering pressing charges.

Some people are just troubled.

And that’s why we thought of Tony Phillips as a relative example to Javaris Crittenton. (Relative in the sense that they just seem like bad dudes. Crittenton, of course, has been taken into custody on attempted murder. Phillips just seems like an angry asshole.)

Crittenton, of course, is not unfamiliar with guns. It was he who pulled a gun on Gilbert Arenas in the Washington Wizards’ locker room. Seems like a pretty good way to handle a game of cards between millionaires.

Sure, being a red ass and being wanted for attempted murder is like comparing Scarlett Johansson to Sandra Bernhard. But it’s similar. After all, Johansson and Bernhard are both actresses.

Crittenton and Phillips are both troubled pro athletes.

It might be easier to compare the case of Crittenton with that of NHL player Mike Danton, who was charged with a murder-for-hire scheme. However, we remember first hearing about Phillips’ arrest when we may have been disillusioned by pro athletes and thinking “Wow, these guys aren’t all good.”

Like Rick James said …



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