Randy Johnson Gives the Bird to Busch Squirrel

This little guy, known as The Busch Squirrel, has become rather famous and somewhat of a mascot for the Cardinals after he hopped across home plate in front of Skip Schumaker.

After the Cards knocked the Phillies out of the playoffs on Friday night, the St. Louis players had a fake squirrel in their champagne-soaked clubhouse celebration. Who knows, maybe this is the year of the squirrel?

Either way, we’re more fond of mascots more similar to Pedro Martinez’s dwarf man during Boston’s 2004 World Series run and just find it comical when an animal makes its way onto the field of play.

There was an incident in 1983 when Dave Winfield hit a seagull during a game, killing the bird, and was later arrested after the game for cruelty to animals. “They say he hit the gull on purpose,” said Yankees manager Billy Martin “They wouldn’t say that if they’d seen the throws he’d been making all year. It’s the first time he’s hit the cutoff man.”

Or, how about when a cat scurries across the field. How can we forget the cat in the Kingdome that ended up biting a grounds keeper (click here to see it), which is mentioned during this clip from 2009 when a cat was running amok at a Royals game?

While the Busch Squirrel has gained recent fame – follow it on Twitter! – it will never live up to the time when Randy Johnson annihilated a bird in midair with a 95 mph fastball.


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