Carlton Fisk, Good Will Hunting and World Series Moments

It’s not the most famous home run in playoff history, nor did it lead his team to the World Series title, but Carlton Fisk’s theatrics and his histrionics made his Game 6 homer one of the best moments in World Series history.

It happened on this date in 1975. While MLB Advanced Media makes it damn near impossible to embed videos, I found something even better. We all know what it looks like – Fisk taking a loping swing, then shuffling a few steps to his right before waving the ball fair and then jumping into the air.

This video is the closing credits from that game and has some of the best (at the time, extremely funny now) bumper music I have ever heard. Especially considering it was a World Series game and that it ended so dramatically.

But, how can we forget that this home run was a major scene in Good Will Hunting? How many famous home runs have been such an important aspect to a movie? It was the night Robin Williams met his wife, who changed him as a person immediately (he didn’t go to the game) and in his future (he instructs Will on how to live life better because of a love for a person).

Has there ever been a true life sports moment weaved so intricately into a fictional movie?


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