The Tim Tebow Effect: Is He At All Like John Elway?

It’s hard to remember of any one player in the NFL over the past 20-plus years who seemed to cause so much division, so much talk, so many headlines and so much interest than Tim Tebow. It truly is astounding.

How many backup quarterbacks have been loved enough to have billboards posted on their behalf? How many quarterbacks have been dissected as much as Tebow? How many have had a loyal fan base love someone as much, while all the so-called experts just disagree with his ability?

Let’s face it, Tebow is an incredible talent. We find it hard for anyone to not root for Tebow based simply on how he lives. To see a man in the public eye so scrutinized yet continually act as a stand-up person is almost mind-boggling. The fact that he is deeply religious – whatever your beliefs – makes him even more likable for the fact of how he carries himself and how he practices what he preaches.

In other words, he makes others look bad based on how good he is. And that could be why people dislike him.

But, he also evokes memories of the last great Denver quarterback. Yup. John Elway and Tim Tebow belong in this discussion for more than they took snaps in a Broncos uniform.

In college, Elway held NCAA Division I career records for passing attempts and completions, and most games with more than 200 yards passing (30), according to his biography. He was also an All-American.

Tebow led one of the most recent college dynasties in Florida and won the Heisman trophy as a sophomore. He was the first ever to throw and rush for over 20 touchdowns in a season.

Let's heard the chant ... OVER-RATED clap clap clap clap clap

When Elway came out of Stanford in 1983 he created a huge stir when he said he wouldn’t sign with Baltimore. Regardless, the Colts drafted him and then dealt his rights to Denver.

Tebow was not supposed to be drafted as high as he was, but he went in the first-round and didn’t posture with where he would sign. However, his skills left a lot to be desired by the NFL types who prefer their quarterbacks to all fit into the same hole. They want their QB’s to be like … well, like Elway.

Elway was not a fantastic quarterback until the end of his career, in fact riding on his legacy of “The Drive” until he finally won a Super Bowl. Over the first 10 years of his career he didn’t even pass for more than 22 touchdowns in a year.

He was living in the NFL on the fact that he was the No. 1 overall draft pick.

Tebow, meanwhile, has been living off his legacy from Florida. (Do a Google image search for Tebow and the entire first page is of him at Florida.) He has people clamoring for him based on what he did in college. Denver fans want him to be the next Elway, yet want him to be that way now. Nevermind the fact that Elway took over a decade to mature into a good quarterback and win a Super Bowl.

The hype surrounding Tebow is incredible. He is a tremendous athlete but the jury is out on if he will be a good quarterback. It’s doubtful he will get the amount of rope that Elway got to be successful.

Tebow will be loved for awhile and receive a pass because he won his first start this year, leading the Broncos back from a 15-0 hole on the road in the fourth quarter. But let’s not forget that Miami is a terrible football team.

Let’s also not forget that Tim Tebow is an over hyped quarterback, much the same way John Elway was an over hyped quarterback. (Yes, Elway was good, but not great. Look at these stats and where he ranks all-time.)

The similarities are not overwhelming, but they are there. Enough for us to think that Tebow is similar to Elway, even a little.


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