Live TV = Fun Mistakes

This morning, my coffee came through my nose when Lee Corso, the geriatric, fun-loving codger from College Gameday, knowingly dropped an “F-Bomb” on live TV when choosing his weekly headgear.


Corso apologized during the Nebraska-Michigan game and said “it won’t happen again.” Although, it’s not the first time Corso has dropped the F word on Gameday, doing so a few years ago when Cal and USC met up:


Part of the enjoyment of live TV is the possibility of seeing these personalities, so dressed up and usually well-mannered, become normal folks, even if just for a moment.

There are hundreds of YouTube videos of local television reporters screwing up, and of course, athletes sometimes say it on live TV because they’re not as groomed as the reporters on the air.

Chris Berman is a notoriously dirty man. Between the “You’re with me, Leather” story and the various other things we’ve heard from Mr. ESPN – plus, his self-importance and arrogance – just makes many of us dislike him.

Corso’s screw-up also allows us to post this video of Berman freaking out.



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