The NBA Lock Out: Have We Missed Anything?

Sometimes we like to pay it forward. It’s something we believe in and feel that karma – good or bad – is always at the ready.

This afternoon we paid it forward. The Throwback Attack-mobile needed some service and the service rep was above-and-beyond good. In our day job, Throwback Attack can sometimes get tickets to sporting events and with a four-pack of tickets for a college hoops game in hand, we handed them over to the service rep.

He loved it and then said he’d been itching for some hoops since the NBA was locked out.

That got us thinking: Do we really miss the NBA?

Something you won't be seeing any time soon.

As a fan of the game, yes, it’s always great to see some of the world’s best competing which is what makes sports great. But, did we miss the NBA?

The season is so laborious. There are only about a dozen regular-season games that people pay attention to every year. There is such a huge discrepancy between the haves and the have-nots. (Sound familiar, baseball?)

And, the fact that there has been absolutely ZERO progress made in the negotiations makes us miss it that much less. (Really, ESPN? The scroll of the labor situation is new each day? It seems the exact same to us!)

With other professional leagues that have had stoppages in the past, how much has been missed? There is not enough attention paid to college baseball to ease the pangs of spring and summer, so we can’t afford a MLB strike. The fans of the NFL and college football seem completely different and divided. Both are supported whole-heartedly and equally, so the NFL would be missed by some. When the NHL missed an entire year, there was little for puck fans to enjoy.

Really, most of you couldn't dress up a little?

But, is there that big of a difference between college hoops and the NBA? There are upsets galore – fans rushing courts, inspired chants, hustle on the floor and pride in your school both on the court and the stands. That makes us love college hoops. You never see that in the NBA. And there’s the fact that there are so many college players that aren’t that far off from playing in The Association. That means that the talent level isn’t too far off between elite teams and players.

The NBA is a larger version of college hoops in the sense that the regular season matters little and most people pay attention only in the final month.

When the NBA locked out in 1998 I remember running a giant middle finger on the sports page of my college newspaper in protest. Yet that wasn’t as much for missing the games as it was for the greed and ridiculousness of locking out and forcing fans of the game to miss their teams.

Yes, ideally, we all want what’s fair. But you, loyal reader, took a job knowing that not everything is a democracy. You have to put up with a fair amount of BS at your place of business. It’s just how life works.

It’s the same with the players. As someone we know says to us when we complain: “It’s the life you chose.”

So … here, NBA, this middle finger is to you. We’ll be busy with college hoops when you decide to come back.


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