Chris Paul Non-Trade Further Proves the NBA is Rigged

Yes, we’ve all heard the rumors throughout the blogosphere and around the Internet (mostly made famous by Bill Simmons) that the NBA is rigged.

This guy fell through the cracks and shows the NBA is rigged.

It seems silly to think that a billion-dollar industry as successful (minus the constant work stoppages) as the NBA would not need to stoop to the level of The Miz and wrestling, but it’s also silly to blindly dismiss the conspiracy theories.

Start with the Knicks getting Patrick Ewing in the draft way back in 1985 in the very first draft lottery ever; then consider the NBA telling Michael Jordan to go away for two years to resolve his gambling; or the Lakers defeating the Kings in the 2002 Western Conference Finals on some eyebrow-raising officiating; then the proof of crooked ref Tim Donaghy.

Of course no one talks about how after the Donaghy scandal the league was in serious trouble as some of these above allegations might all of a sudden hold some water. So, what needs to happen? Well, the marquee teams with a long history between them, need to meet in the Finals. Sure, the Celtics and the Lakers brought every fan back and David Stern swept the Donaghy scandal under the rug.

What brings up new evidence of Stern acting like Vince McMahon again is when he did not allow Chris Paul to go to the Lakers. Wait a second, you might be saying, adding the game’s best point guard to one of its best teams would further enhance Stern’s affinity for one of his marquee franchises.

However, think about this … If Stern didn’t hold as much power as he does, he wouldn’t have vetoed the trade. If he wasn’t this master marionette controller, he wouldn’t be pulling all these strings. Over and over and over. His move was completely unprecedented and it further shows how powerful he is as Big Brother watching over everything.

You really think Dwight Howard wants to go to the Nets? The Nets?! No, they just need a big, happy, smiling star of the game when they move to Brooklyn next year. You don’t think Stern knows this?!

It’s not as if the Lakers were giving up spare parts. They were giving up one of the best big men in the league and the reigning Sixth Man of the Year.

With this so-called competitive balance, Paul remains in purgatory in New Orleans and then he can sign wherever he wants Stern tells him to.

You can’t trust the NBA because you can’t trust David Stern.


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