(Un)Happy Birthday Kevin McHale, You Cheap and Dirty Player

December 19 marks Kevin McHale’s 54th birthday and while he was the Chris Bosh of the Celtics (meaning he was riding more talented players’ coattails to wins) he is often lumped in with those great Boston team’s and their success.

However, he pulled one of the dirtiest moves in NBA history when he clotheslined Kurt Rambis during the 1984 NBA Finals. The NBA gods have made sure he pays for it, as he has been the Matt Millen of GM’s in the Association.

Bad draft moves, terrible trades and cheating (remember the secret Joe Smith deal that got Minnesota in heaps of trouble?) have tarnished his career.

Ahh, but it was tarnished well before then by this terribly dirty play. Even Celts fans have to agree that it was a cheap, classless move.


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